Finance For The West Coast Trail Hike in Vancouver

Are you planning for an adventure? Then this is the right time for it. Canada is a vast country with numerous beautiful locations. And among them, the west coast trail is one of the most beautiful locations where people go for an amazing backcountry adventure.

Located on the western coast of Vancouver, this trail is a spectacular hike for people who need some time away from their daily work.

It is a fabulous 7-day trek, with a length of 75 km that has 70 ladders, 130 bridges, and 4 cable cars. At Instant Funding, we have received many people’s queries asking us how can I get a personal loan for the west coast trail. And we have seen a lot of people wanting to go for this trail.

Some people pre-plan and save money, while others simply take a personal loan from us. After all, our quick loan services make it easy for them to fund their trip. So, once you get the money, all that’s left is to go and enjoy the trail.

West Coast Trail

The west coast trail is a difficult hike, with numerous ladders and bridges. The best time to go there is between May to September. During this time, you will encounter bears, wolves, whales, and many other wild animals on the way.

But they won’t attack you because there will be many more people on the trail, so continuous noises and chatter often keep them away from human interactions. But you will often stumble on them during your trial.

So, ensure you keep your safety items with you and follow the appropriate guidelines when the trial begins. Many people also ask, can we do the trail solo? Well, of course, you can hike the whole trail solo. But it will be safer if you do it with someone or in a group. But as there will be other people on the trail, you can surely enjoy a great time hiking solo as well.

Financing for the trail

Before beginning the trail, you must make reservations by contacting the west coast trail booking office. You can do that by visiting the Canada Reservation Page or calling them at 1-877-737-3783 (toll-free within Canada & US) or 1-519-826-5391 (international calls). Hiking can surely cost a few bucks. So, it is important to finance the trial beforehand, rather than doing everything in a mismanaged way.

Get your savings

Sometimes, pre-planning can help you save money for a trip. Hiking is fun, especially when traveling through the season’s best route. But no matter how big or small the hike is, they all need money.

So, the very first thing that you can do to finance your hike is to use your savings. Although hiking will be less expensive than staying in a hotel in Vancouver, you still need to buy or rent proper gear for hiking. We’ll discuss about the necessary gear later in this article.

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Use credit card for petty expenses

While traveling, you can pay for major expenses like stay and food with savings and use credit to pay petty expenses.

This way, you do not have to worry about basic facilities and can use credit to pay for other petty expenses. Petty expenses are generally smaller, and besides, you are amidst a trail in the coastal area of the Pacific Ocean so you won’t be getting any shops there. This means you will have a low expenditure on the forest.

Essential items for the hike

Before you pack your bag and begin hiking, there are some important things that you need to know to make hiking a great experience. Here’s a checklist of items.

Hiking gears

The primary need for a hike is hiking gear. You need reliable and sturdy hiking gear so that you can have a great hiking experience. Proper gear makes climbing the trails easy and protects you from cuts and bruises you may encounter while hiking. Here are some essential hiking equipment:

  • Sturdy and durable shoes that have a good grip over terrains.
  • A camp with rain cover and hooks.
  • Flashlight for an emergency.
  • Proper raincoats and water repellent covers

Food and supplements

Keep your food and water with you. You can keep them in a separate pack to ensure their hygiene and cleanliness. West Coast Trail is a 6-7 days trek. So, you are on your own when going on the trek. In addition, having good botany knowledge of the plants around that area is also good. With that knowledge, you can gather edible plants, refill water bottles and ensure you never run out of food and supplements during your hike.

Protective gears

You will be crossing the forest, and as we said earlier, the forest is filled with various wild animals. So, keep pepper sprays, a stick, or any melee weapon with you if in case you encounter any of the wild animals. They may or may not be effective, but you should keep them just in case. And more importantly, if you encounter any vicious wild animals, do not provoke them or try to feed them; they may not be able to distinguish between you and food (joke).

Insect repellent

Forest is filled with various kinds of pests and insects. You wouldn’t want to be get disturbed by them or, even worse, feel them crawling on you. So, keep your insect repellent with you and use them while sleeping in camps.

First aid

Getting injuries and bruises is normal in trails, but if you receive one, ensure you clean the wound and use proper medication to avoid contamination of bacteria on the wound. So, always keep a first aid kit with you when trailing in the wilderness.

West Coast trail is open right now, and you can enjoy the fresh wilderness. So, register yourself for the West Coast trail, fulfill your monetary trip requirements, and voila! Brace the adventure.