4 Best costume Ideas for Halloween 2022

The season of fall; is one of the most popular seasons and also the most loved one! Imagine taking a walk amidst the warm falling leaves drenched with the moment’s blissfulness. Yes, it is that time of the year when you can become a spirit, ghost, ghoul, or monster and roam on the face of Earth.

The legend says that during this time, the veil between the spirit and the mortal realm is the thinnest, so who knows, maybe that ugly person standing right next to you is a real spirit. Well, it could be! But they hardly would do anything to harm you. Why? Simply because you would be dressed in similar ways!

So, we, Instant Funding, bring you some of the best Halloween costumes that you can get with or without a cash advance loan in Canada and wear on Halloween night to scare off your neighbors.

Best Halloween costume ideas 2022

Dr. Strange

Gear up your dress and tap into the mystical arts. The character of Dr. Steven Strange is one of the most beloved and powerful characters of the Marvel Universe. If you have seen the movie, you know how much he is capable of. So, get that mystical suit on and get on with the haunt. The Dr. Strange costume is available on Amazon at varying prices; you can choose any of your favorites and order them to dress as the mystical man who possesses the power of time.


Have you checked out the new series of The She-Hulk Attorney? Pretty cool, right? So, why not get a dress like the She-Hulk? It is one of the easiest dressup. All you need is a load of green color that sticks to your skin and decent clothing. The tougher you are, the better you look. So, dress like a decent yet strong-looking woman. If you are going with your friends and want to look tough and strong, this is the costume that you should definitely try on.

Linda and Bob from Bob’s Burgers

The fact that Bob’s Burgers has been on television for more than ten years is incredible. The Belcher family is the focus of the program. The main characters are Bob, his wife Linda, and their kids Tina, Gene, and Louise. Fans had been requesting a movie for a long time, but even after it was revealed in 2017, it wouldn’t be released until 2022.

Bob and Linda are a great choice if you’re looking for a simple couples costume for Halloween. All you need for Bob is a mustache, some grey slacks, a white t-shirt, and an apron. Linda will finish the ensemble with blue trousers, a red top, and a white apron.

Squid game people

This show can only be described as a nightmare where competitors play kid-friendly games for money and risk their lives if they lose. Nevertheless, this Korean drama quickly rose to the top spot on Netflix despite its grim subject matter (only recently surpassed by Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story).

All the participants in the Squid Games were dressed in green tracksuits, while the security personnel wore red sweaters and intimidating masks. These are simple to make and will be a hit at Halloween haunt in 2022.

Crazy Things to do after dressing up

After the dress-up, you don’t want to sit on your couch watching TV or a movie – of course, you can, but now, just after you dress up, it would be a waste to sit like that. So instead, you can try out our list of crazy things that you can try this Halloween.

Trick or treat

Going for a trick or treat with your friends dressed in your favorite attire is one of the best things to do. Enjoy getting a fancy treat from people, or give them a spicy trick for not giving you a treat. Run at every home in the neighborhood and play the snarkiest tricks like naughty ghosts and spirits.

Visit Pumpkin Patch

Search for a pumpkin field near you and look for a perfect gourd to show your carving skills. You don’t have to follow the traditional scary face design; you can make a creepy face, angry or even a happy face. Even a smiling face carved on a pumpkin will give chills to people because it will be more creepy than beautiful.

Make the best decoration

Halloween is the time of spirits, and you or anyone would never have seen a spirit living in a clean and tidy area. So, install some fake cobwebs, gather the autumn leaves, and spread them on the path, windows, and porch to give a spooky look. If you want more, you can order fake skeleton hands and plant them on the ground to make it look like the spirits of the dead are coming forth.

Enjoy Halloween haunt 2022

The Halloween haunt festival is on, and the best way to visit the festival is to be dressed as your favorite monster and have fun with your family or friends. The Halloween haunt festival is still on until 31 October at Canada’s Wonderland. So, if you want to rock on, join this festival and have a great time.

Go for a corn maze trip

For ages, cornfield at night has been a scary and spooky place to go. But this time, you can change it by going for a spooky corn maze trip and finding your way out of it. This will be something that you will remember till the end of your life. Especially because you are doing it on Halloween, you have a higher chance of seeing something from the other world.

These are some of the amazing things you can do on Halloween or even before Halloween and have a spooky time with your friends and family. As an end note, the best way to end Halloween is by coming back home after a fun time and enjoying watching Halloween ends with your family. We know everything costs money, so if you ever run out of cash, you can get an instant online loan Canada from Instant Funding and get on with your party.