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24 Games to Play on this Thanksgiving Day

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With that note, let’s dive right into the 24 amazing games that you can play during Thanksgiving. This year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 10th Oct in Canada. It is a national holiday so you can spend the whole day doing something productive with your life.

During this autumn season, celebrate Thanksgiving in a special way by playing amazing games and getting involved with your family and friends.

1. Thanksgiving Bingo

The thanksgiving bingo set features well-known Thanksgiving themes like pie, turkeys, and fall leaves that children will adore. With enough cards for 24 players, it makes a perfect after-dinner game. It also works well for large groups.

2. Turkey Tic-tac

This tic tac toe set includes a drawstring bag for storage and adorable turkeys that have been hand-painted on stones.

3. Spin-the-pie-Game

Allow visitors to spin to reveal the six slices of life (Family, Friends, Travel, Home, Pets, and Work), each of which evokes a memory for which they are thankful. To create, divide a paper plate’s center into six portions and write prompts in each. From a smaller round of craft paper in a variety of colors, cut off one “slice” for the category window. With a gold brad, fasten the wheel to the plate. Use hot glue to affix the jute rope to the rim. Stencil some letters in.

4. Thanksgiving mad libs

Friends and family can express gratitude by filling in the blanks in this endearing variation of Mad-Libs’s popular fill-in-the-blanks game. Then, after supper, take turns reading them aloud. The “Would You Rather?” game and Thanksgiving bingo are included in a printable pack together with the Mad-Libs.

5. Pumpkin checker

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Start by painting 32 squares on a 30-inch square board and use white and orange pumpkins as game pieces. Then, enjoy the start of fall in a fun-pumpkin way!

6. Family feud game

Who knows the holiday the best? Find out in this Family Feud game! To make creating this Thanksgiving game even simpler, the instruction contains questions and answers.

7. Hand turkey race

Everyone should keep time as they try to make a beautiful hand turkey. The person who finishes first in the shortest amount of time is the winner. it . And to make things more interesting, you can have the kids judge the drawings made by all the adults.

8. Feed The Turkey

With the help of this simple-to-build and even simpler-to-play pom-pom game, you can keep your toddler occupied while you get to work in the kitchen.

9. Thanksgiving charade

This traditional game with a Thanksgiving twist is open to everyone. You can create them or get printables from stores, so all you have to do is have fun! Print fun games or names and let everyone guess.

10. Family hunt scavenger game

Engage the youngsters in a daylong treasure hunt to collect family portraits and holiday-themed objects using challenging clues.

11. Traffic Yam Race

Take a marker and mark a start and an end line. Then, the player has to push the yam with a spoon across the line. The first person to reach the end line without lifting the yam wins the game.

12. Gratitude game

Thanksgiving is the ideal time to consider your greatest blessings, so this thanksgiving game is appropriate for the occasion. You can duplicate this variation on pick-up sticks with your selection of each category.

13. Sack race

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The sack race may be the only Thanksgiving game more enduring than football. Of course, the standard regulations still apply, but you may add a festive touch by purchasing some Thanksgiving-themed sacks from Amazon!

14. Design-your-turkey

Children may design their own turkey using the sticker package available in the art and craft shop. Then, let kids use their creations to dress up pumpkins.

15. What’s on your phone game

Make a checklist of things you may find on the phone, such as selfies, memes, games, or anything else. After that, check what all things are available on all of the player’s phones. The person who scores the most wins the game.

16. “Would you rather” question game

This game asks a series of questions, such as, “Would you rather spend Thanksgiving weekend without football or without shopping?” It can be played after dinner, around the table, or while taking the yearly drive to Grandma’s. You’ll depart knowing your family more intimately than ever.

17. Thanksgiving word scramble

Google about it, or look for apps and games where you can play word scramble. Of course, you can also create yours with the items you use for Thanksgiving.

18. Turkey dice game

Order turkey dice boards from Etsy or amazon with some dice and enjoy a fun evening after-dinner game with the family.

19. Turkey leg wrap

Thanksgiving meal will likely include turkey legs; they can now participate in the festivities. In this game, players have a minute to swaddle their partner in burlap and a chef’s hat.

20. Confetti stuffed Turkey Piñata.

Thanksgiving without a piñata game can never be complete. So create a DIY turkey piñata, get a baseball bat, get a blindfold, and you are all set for the game.

21. Pin Turkey Feather

You have two choices for setting up this game: make your own Thanksgiving turkey out of construction paper, or buy an identical one to save time. Then let your toddler pin turkey feathers in the art and decorate it

22. “Guess how many” game

Put corn or similar item in a glass and let everyone guess how many corns are there. The one who answer closest to the actual number is the winner.

23. Thanksgiving trivia

To pass the time throughout the course of your Thanksgiving meal or later in the evening while you are enjoying your dessert spread, whip out this quiz game.

24. Face the Pie

In this sticky game, players compete to find the sweet letters in their whipped cream-smeared plates before using them to spell out “pie” while keeping their hands off the table.

These are some of the fun games that you can play this Thanksgiving. So, prepare yourself with the right game for thanksgiving evening. If you lack funds in any way, you can always get a short-term loan from us. Happy Thanksgiving!