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We understand that being in a tight situation that a quick and simple fix is very much needed. That’s why we tailored our application to be quick and simple.

It only takes around 2 minutes to fill and the questions are very simple to answer. Our goal is to offer you instant short-term loans and help you out when you need it with no headaches. Our online instant funding loans are quickest and safest loans in Canada. 

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Same Day Approval.

Not only do we have an awesome team, but our amazing approval software is so efficient that we’re able to approve the same day! We tailored our approval system to approve anyone for an instant funding online loan. Even if you have a bad credit score, you can stay, apply and get approved.

We also have one of the highest approval rates in the industry with over 96% approval rate and we aim to keep improving it.

We work fast and efficiently to accommodate your needs!

Direct Loan Deposit.

You can receive your short-term loans in Canada directly into your bank account through an e-transfer! It’s that simple.

Our system is so fast and simple that you can receive your e-transfer directly. We built our system that way because we understand how stressful it is to be in a tight spot.

Although you should not worry. There’s a situation for everything.

Let’s help you out.


What is your interest rate?

Interest rate will vary depending on your risk score. Typically our loans will have interest rates as low as 14.98% to 46.98%.

Can I get a loan even with bad credit?

You definitely can. We believe that having a bad credit score should not make it harder for you to apply for a loan, simply because a loan should help you bounce back into a better financial position. Applying for a loan should be simple, easy, fast and help you remove any financial challenges and headaches. If you’re in that situation now, apply for a loan with us and we’ll help you out!

Does getting a loan affect my credit score?

Not with us. We don’t do any credit checks when applying for a loan with us. Since we understand that sometimes we apply for a loan when we are in challenging financial situations. That’s why we don’t go through credit checks. We understand and trust all of our clients.

Can I apply for a loan without a bank account?

Unfortunately you can’t since we send your loan through e-transfers and in order to receive a loan through e-transfers you will need to have a bank account. We also base our lending process on your bank details and transaction history.

How can I get a loan?

We make it fast, simple and easy for you to get your loan. In order for us to send you a loan through e-transfer, you will need to qualify for all of the listed criterias. You can view all the simple information you need on this page.

Is my information secured?

Your information is 100% secured! All of our clients’ information is firmly protected and handled with care.

How quickly can I get a loan?

You can get it the same day you apply during our operating hours! We’re known to supply loans faster than our competitors thanks to our online loan option!

Can I get another loan if I was not approved for the first amount?

You definitely can, although keep in mind that you might’ve not been able to get approved on the first try since you might not be meeting the requirements to qualify for a loan. You can reach out to us at any time if you have any questions.

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