10 Best Places to See Northern Lights in 2023

Are you fond of watching miracles? Then pack your bags and get ready for a trip to watch the marvelous northern lights. You may have heard about the northern lights a lot, but now you can watch them with your family. The best part about this is that, for us – the Canadians, we do not need to travel to colder countries like Norway or Iceland to watch the Northern Lights. Instead, we can watch them in Canada.

So, we at Instant Funding have gathered the 10 best places in Canada where you can take an autumn break vacation and watch the Aurora Borealis cruising through the chilly night sky of this beautiful North American country. But before that, let’s learn about the northern lights.

What are northern lights?

You may have known that these northern lights are only seen in winter and the areas near the poles. You may also know that these lights come from the sun, but have you wondered why these lights are never visible in warmer areas near the equator or what these lights are?

The answer is simple, like every other planet or space object, Earth also has its own gravitational field, which creates an invisible barrier that goes from north to south. So, when the energy or solar flare comes from the sun and gets in contact with the Earth’s gravitational waves, it is directed towards the poles. Then the charged particles come in contact with the gases in the Earth’s upper atmosphere, creating beautiful lights. That’s how you see them during winters and on the poles.

10 places to see northern lights in Canada

We have thoroughly researched and fetched the 10 best places you can visit to watch the northern lights with your family. Based on your location, it may be far or near, so if you run short on funds, we can help you get short-term loans in Canada and fund your trip. Then you can enjoy your lovely trip with your family without worrying about running short of money.

1. Manitoulin Island, Ontario

Are you a citizen of Ontario? If yes, you do not have to worry about traveling long distances to watch northern light; you can visit Manitoulin Island in Ontario and watch heavenly night shows. Moreover, you can also avail staycation tax credit for this travel. This place is often overlooked. But it is to be expected, as those who have visited this place like to keep it a secret. There is a big lake on which the island sits. Usually, the island is packed with cottagers and hikers during summers, but during fall and winter, it becomes a quiet and peaceful heaven with frequent colorful night shows. It is located at a 6-hour drive from Toronto.

2. Yellowknife, Northwestern territories

Canada is one of the best places in the world to view the aurora borealis, with 80–90% of its accessible terrain falling inside the Aurora Oval, the region with the most geomagnetic activity and the most regular and brilliant displays of the northern lights. Consider visiting Yellowknife, which is the “Aurora Capital of North America” due to its ideal position and superior viewing circumstances. In addition, there is a 95% likelihood that passengers may see the lights along the shoreline of Great Slave Lake.

3. Yukon, Canada

Western Canada’s top location to see the northern lights is Yukon. First, visit the brand-new Aurora Glass Chalets at the Northern Lights Resort and Spa, which feature a queen-size bed and floor-to-ceiling windows for spectacular views of the northern lights. Alternately, go to Takhini Hot Springs, where you may unwind while bathing in 107° mineral water and watching the aurora borealis.

4. Dark Sky Preserves, Alberta

In Alberta, winter nights come to life. In some of the largest black sky preserves in the world, such as Wood Buffalo, Elk Island, and Jasper National Parks, you may see the mesmerizing astronomical greens, reds, purples, and yellows of the aurora borealis. That implies that no artificial lighting is there to obstruct the perspective of the extraterrestrial. September to the middle of May offers the best chances to see the aurora borealis. In addition to seeing the stars, the Jasper Dark Sky Festival in mid-October offers interactive science and astronomy events.

5. Muncho Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia

The northern parts of British Columbia offer some of the most magnificent backdrops for catching a glimpse of the northern lights. The Northern Rockies Lodge is a snug sanctuary for a viewing excursion in any season, and the aurora borealis sparkles off the serene waters of Muncho Lake all year long.

6. Iqaluit, Nunavut

Nunavut is an Arctic Archipelago that only those who can withstand the cold visit. The territory’s capital, Iqaluit, has little or no tourist infrastructure. Iqaluit is a unique location for an aurora borealis excursion due to the lack of light pollution and the freedom to go your own way.

7. Battle Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador

Use quaint Battle Harbour as your base for activities with the northern lights, or take pictures of the aurora borealis behind the village’s old structures. Despite being only open from June to September, this meticulously restored fishing station’s northern position and little light pollution mean you’ll probably find what you’re looking for during those months.

8. Dempster Highway, Yukon

You may find yourself stopping to take in some of the nation’s most breathtaking aurora borealis displays as you drive along Canada’s northernmost roadway in the evenings. Traveling with a tour guide is advised during the snowy seasons as the road, which winds into the Arctic Circle, may be exceedingly dangerous in the winter.

9. Fort McMurray, Alberta

Fort McMurray is on the 56th parallel, which lies below the auroral zone, where most auroras occur. Fort McMurray is a popular location for discovering top-notch northern lights trips and adventures. It isn’t actually a fort but a small town in Alberta that can be a perfect getaway place to view the aurora borealis.

10. Quetico Provincial Park, Ontario

Quetico Provincial Park received the coveted International Dark Sky Park certification from the Dark-Sky Association, Ontario Parks, announced in February 2021. This makes it one of Ontario’s newest locations for witnessing the Northern Lights. It is now the third publicly owned piece of property in the area to have dark sky statistics. Quetico isn’t just for seeing the northern lights; you can also go ice fishing here.

These are the best places to watch the northern lights in 2022. Based on your current location, these places may be near or far, but if you are determined to watch the northern lights, you can get a short-term loan in Canada from us and travel to these destinations, book the best hotel, and eat a delightful meal, all while watching aurora borealis.